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Welcome to JP Dispatches! "JP" are my initials, Jason Poblete. I'm a partner at Poblete Tamargo LLP, a firm that a good friend and I started fourteen years ago, and the President of the Global Liberty Alliance, an organization that defends free enterprise, fundamental rights, and the rule of law.

Married for 25+ years to Dr. Yleem Poblete, I am originally from Miami, Florida, and currently reside on Florida’s Space Coast in Melbourne. I have been involved in politics since the 1980s at the local, state, and federal levels. I am a Republican, yet I am most critical of the Grand Ol’ Party.

Yleem and I worked in the Washington, D.C., region for a few decades and will share some of these experiences with you on this blog. Of course, the Democrats have their own set of problems, and now and then, I’ll pile a few on them; however, I prefer to hold our party accountable for what they do and fail to do.

I enjoy cutting through political nonsense and providing insights about how the system works and how it is supposed to work, so most of what I write about will likely never appear on the mainstream news since I tend to hone in on points of view outside the mainstream.

I have a political science degree, yet politics is more art than science. One thing is certain: the Founding Fathers of our great nation provided us with an excellent handbook for maneuvering the political space or how we order human behavior. Regarding the federal government, a new generation of policymakers has ignored that rule book, the Constitution.

While the size of the national system in place today differs from what the Founders envisioned, it works, but barely. While some on my side of the aisle claim all is lost, I strongly disagree. But they're right about one thing: Federal laws and regulations smother individual fundamental and property rights. The federal debt must be reined in. Free enterprise unleashed. The Republican Party used to stand for these things, but they're not listening to the voters these days.

Send me ideas on topics you’d like me to write about or matters we can discuss in private. I will do my best to do so. So, for now, sign up and don’t miss an issue.

If you're interested in photography, visit Jason Poblete Photography, where I incorporate my legal and political experiences with photography. I have a lot of photos I've taken since before I was a teenager, but I only recently started to share some of my work online.

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